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PROVISIONS         The Tuzla Ship Supply carries out all types of the food supply and kitchen equipments, fruits and vegetables are daily and delivered as extremely fresh to the ship and all kinds of meat and the meat products, as well as the dry food and the products of every kind of food, you can think of, can be supplied.
         Our priority in the supply of the rations is to be the products of which the storage has a very long-lasting periods. All of our products are in very high quality and suitable for certain international standards and the supply of all kinds of food are made by us.
          The Tuzla Ship Supply, may have establish communications with your previously agreed food suppliers and in coordination and without any delay, even may provide supplies, except the compulsory, during repair at Tuzla Shipyards, Izmit Bay during Discharge & Loading and during Istanbul transit passage of the ships and no agency fee or any additional charge is carried out for this service.
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